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About Us

Gene and Annalize van der Walt were both born and raised in South Africa. Gene apprenticed under Tom Moore in his early 20’s for a year and went on to be one of the top professional horse trainers in South Africa, winning all 4 of the Grand Championships at the South African Championships. Annalize grew up showing horses, also winning numerous classes at the South African Championships and other horse shows.

Bill and Barbara Blacklaw, from Oregon City, OR, reached out to the South African couple in 2002 and offered them a trainer/breeding position at the Blacklaw's prestigious Singing Hills Stable.

Both Gene and Annalize always had a great love for breeding and due to this, Annalize pursued her reproductive equine skills at CSU with Dr. Jim Kubiak, as well as several veterinarians along the way. In 2020, Gene and Annalize were picked as breeders of the year by the ASHA. Bill Blacklaw is still a dear friend today and Gene and Annalize have the utmost respect for what he and Barbara did for them in the in the USA.

Breeding for the future

Stallions Standing at Singing Hills Stables

Singing Hills is also a full-service breeding facility and stands some of the most premier American Saddlebred Stallions. The facility includes a state-of-the-art reproduction laboratory. All reproduction work is done on the premises, including collection and evaluation of semen, shipping semen, and artificial insemination.

Stallion handling services, broodmare management, and foaling services are also available.

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The 2023 Singing Hills booking contract must be on file before shipping semen. Easily submit it here.

Owners & Trainers
‍Gene & Annalize Van Der Walt
(503) 680-3808, Gene
(971) 235-9520, Annalize
Irvine, Kentucky
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